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A very busy day for the police around Beira-Rio

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25/06/2014 - 22h30min
A very busy day for the police around Beira-Rio Ronaldo Bernardi/Agencia RBS
Two Argentines were arrested after stealing tickets from a Brazilian Foto: Ronaldo Bernardi / Agencia RBS  

With Porto Alegre invaded by Argentine supporters, there was no lack of remarkable scenes this Wednesday, combined with a number of police incidents. The festive atmosphere made things easy for those wanting to watch the match any way possible (four Nigerians were attacked by Argentines stealing money and tickets) or for those planning on making a profit on the passion of others (there was a case of two Indian touts arrested for selling tickets, along with innumerous cases of fake tickets).

A particular trick was used a number of times. Having spent 11 days in Porto Alegre so far with his family, Alfredo Santos, 46, was mugged by Argentine citizens, taking four tickets from him a few meters from the police barrier.

– They came closer, began singing and jumping. When I tried to protect myself from all the pushing, they grabbed my tickets – he said.

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Watch trick
Two Argentines were arrested after stealing tickets from a Brazilian. While in line to be checked by the Military Brigade, an area where only people with tickets are permitted, an Argentine approached and asked the time. When the victim lifted his hand to check, the man snatched the ticket from his hand and ran off.
The fan began to chase him, and the police followed. Upon being detained, the Argentine dropped the ticket. A second man approached and attempted to cover the ticket with his foot. Both men were detained.

Lost dollars
A trader from Buenos Aires, Gustavo Gimenez, 37, arrived in Porto Alegre on Tuesday with the hope of watching the match. On Wednesday, he found a tout close to his hotel in the city center. The man sold the ticket for US$ 1,500 (R$ 3,300). Upon arriving at the stadium, Gimenez was barred. The ticket was fake.
– I looked carefully, but I did not know what the original looked like. I bought it without knowing – regrets Gimenez.

A thief forgiven
Nigerian Sharif Rabiu, 49, was walking to the stadium when an Argentine snatched his bag with his ticket. Police soon caught the thief. Taken to the mobile Police unit, the victim was surprised to know he'd have to file a report and await the registration of the incident. The match had already begun ten minutes earlier.
Sharif decided not to press charges and ran to the stadium. The Argentine bowed his head twice, apologized, and moved on.

Almost perfect plan
Despite the fence of Brazilian authorities, a barrabrava though he could dribble the blockade at the border. It didn't quite work out. Raul Daniel Paz, 44, was arrested close to fan fest. His name was on a list of people prohibited from entering Brazil due to involvement in stadium hooliganism.
Paz was being followed by an intelligence officer who discovered his presence in the capital. Notified by the Federal Police, he has to leave Brazil within 24 hours.

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